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Indian Medicos are Still Under Control of Ketan Desai and His Cronies

Despite the recent scathing criminal indictment on serious charges of bribery and disproportionate assets, Dr. Ketan Desai’s “panel of doctors” managed to grab a whopping 92% votes in last week’s elections for the leadership positions in the national (Delhi) Indian Medical Association (IMA), according to published report in the Times of India (Nov. 4). This shocking news shows the pitiful status of the medical lobby in India. It also underscores the fact that crooks who helped the tainted ex-chief of the MCI plunder healthcare for decades are still running the show to pull Desai out of the ditch once again. Are there no honest and courageous doctors left in India to stand up against this atrocity in the IMA? As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “The only thing necessary for triumph of the evil is for the good men to do nothing”. Will the “good men” in Indian medical community stand up against Desai and his cronies?

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