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Royal College to Cancel Dr. Ketan Desai’s FRCS: Why Gujarat Medical Council and National IMA are Still Shielding Him?

Almost 6 months after he was caught red-handed by the CBI for taking bribe, Dr. Ketan Desai is still roaming free in Gujarat and many of his cronies (in the IMA and Gujarat Medical Council) are still trying to protect him from justice.  In fact, Dr. Desai has still remained as the president of the Gujarat Medical Council.   But PBT is still fighting hard to bring justice to Desai as under our relent pressure, the World Medical Association (WMA) was eventually forced to remove him as the “president-elect” earlier in October. Now the Royal College in Edinburgh has informed us that they have also started a disciplinary hearing to remove his FRCS. After scathing indictment by the Delhi High Court in 2001, the CBI let Dr. Desai go scot-free once before. The CBI must act fast this time to bring justice to the corrupt mafia-leader (Dr. Desai) and his cronies who are responsible for the present pitiful status of Indian medicine. News (Desai FRCS) Oct. 30, 2010

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