Indian Healthcare Scandal Goes Global: British Medical Journal (BMJ) Reports On Ketan Desai’s Unexpected Acquittal By Lucknow CBI Court

Top international medical journal from United Kingdom, British Medical Journal (BMJ), reported the news of sudden dismissal of all charges against disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, by the magistrate at the CBI court in Lucknow earlier in the week (see the BMJ article below). The charges for “cheating” and “conspiracy” against Desai was dropped after almost five years on the technical ground that CBI did not obtain any “sanction” from the government before charging him for criminal action. Although there are many instances that public servants have been prosecuted for alleged corruption even without prior “sanction”, many are asking the question that why CBI wilted under this simple challenge by Desai and his attorneys. It is worthwhile to mention that serious allegation was raised recently in Supreme Court that the last CBI Director, Ranjit Sinha, had several secret meetings with Dr. Desai. In any event, Dr. Desai still remains criminal indicted in the original CBI “trap” case for taking a bribe of Rs. 2 crore from a private medical college in Punjab. Publication of this ongoing sordid sage involving Ketan Desai in the high profile international medical journal like BMJ would undoubtedly bring more disgrace for all doctors of Indian origin. Unfortunately, no medical groups or individual doctors are protesting against this ongoing atrocities by Desai and his medical cronies. Indian Medical Association (IMA), the largest organization of doctors in India, is also known to be controlled only by Desai and his cronies. In fact, IMA has been trying hard to promote and glorify Dr. Desai by pushing him to become the president of World Medical Association (WMA) as noted in the BMJ report.

BMJ (Sept 24, 2015) Ketan Desai