PBT President Fights Against Unlawful Boycott of Calcutta High Court By Advocates: SC Directs To Hear Case By a Different Bench If Necessary

Since July 22, 2015, a fraction of the lawyers in Calcutta High Court who are backed by the ruling Trinomool Congress Party (TMC)have been boycotting a particular division bench presided by Justice Girish Chandra Gupta causing endless pain and suffering for the innocent justice-seekers in West Bengal. Dr. Kunal Saha, founding-president of PBT, came all the way from his permanent residence in USA to argue “in person” two matters related to his wife, Anuradha Saha’s wrongful death. The first case is against the unscrupulous West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC)that has still refused to cancel the license of Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, principal culprit doctor who was convicted by the Supreme Court and paid the highest compensation in Indian medical history for causing death of Anuradha Saha. The second case is against the equally unscrupulous Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government that chose Dr. Mukherjee in 2014 to received the prestigious Bangabibhusan award for contribution in medicine despite his conviction by the Apex Court for gross medical negligence.

Although Dr. Saha came from USA to argue “in person” on July 24, no one appeared for the accused parties due to the lawyers’ boycott of the court. Dr. Saha moved an urgent petition before the Supreme Court against this unlawful “boycott” by advocates and the endless misery that he and all innocent justice-seekers were subjected to from this ongoing disruption of the court proceedings. The Apex Court heard his SLP on an urgent basis on Friday (July 31) and directed that Calcutta High Court must hear his case, if necessary, by a different bench. The SC also gave “leave” to Dr. Saha to mention this before the Calcutta HC Chief Justice. However, in the meantime, the bench of Justice Gupta also heard Dr. Saha’s appeal on the same day that Apex Court took his case, that is 31st July, and fixed the matter for final hearing on Wednesday (Aug. 5) with a categorical direction that the case would be heard ex perte even if nobody appears on behalf of the respondents. The immoral and unlawful “boycott” by Kolkata advocates is likely to come under the scanner again on Monday (Aug. 3) when Dr. Saha would mention this before the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court (see news below).

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