World Medical Association (WMA) Refuses To Answer Questions On Selection of Tainted Dr. Ketan Desai As “President-elect” – Has Medical Corruption Crossed India’s Borders?

Disgraced ex-MCI president was caught red-handed by CBI for taking bribe from a private medical college in 2010. The criminal case against Desai is still pending in CBI court in Delhi as he remains free on bail. Despite his grossly tainted background, Indian Medical Association (IMA), largest medical lobby in India which is controlled by Desai and his cronies, successfully touted for Desai to make him president-elect for the World Medical Association (WMA) in 2014 with a blatantly false claim that all charges against Desai have been dropped by the Indian government.

PBT raised strong protest with WMA against Desai’s selection as “president-elect” based on false claim made by IMA and specifically wrote to present WMA president, Dr. Xavier Deau from France, as well as WMA Council chairperson, Dr. Ardis Hoven from USA, urging them to investigate and take immediate measures to remove Desai from his fraudulently claimed post of WMA president-elect. Several months have passed but top leaders of WMA have remained absolutely silent to the serious charges against their “president-elect” and criminally indicted Ketan Desai. Our repeated phone calls and faxes to WMA office have also fallen in deaf ears. We wonder why a large international medical body like WMA nominated the biggest medical mafia of Indian medicine as their future president. Has the wide-spread corruption in India’s healthcare system already reached far beyond the country’s borders?