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PBT Presses West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) for Suspension of Medical Licenses: Two Weeks After HC Order, WBMC Remains Silent As 8 Negligent Doctors Continue Practice

Division bench presiding by Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court passed an unequivocal judgment on 5th May, 2015 declaring that WBMC must act in accordance to the order from Medical Council of India (MCI) for suspension of medical registrations of 8 negligent doctors who snatched away four precious lives in hospitals across West Bengal. After the victims’ families came to PBT seeking help in finding justice, they were guided to move MCI under sections 8.7 or 8.8 of “Code of Ethics & Regulations, 2002” since the devious state medical council was working only to shield the guilty doctors. But even after MCI held the doctors guilty for medical negligence and directed WBMC to suspend their medical licenses for a period between 1 and 5 years vide a final order last January, WBMC, which is under control of doctors belonging to the Trinomul-Congress party, continued their deep slumber and took no action for suspension of licenses of the 8 doctors who also moved Calcutta High Court seeking to quash the MCI order.
As mentioned above, division bench of Calcutta High Court dismissed the doctors’ petition and directed WBMC to take necessary action for suspension of registrations of the negligent doctors as ordered by the MCI. The deliberate inaction by WBMC to suspend the licenses of all 8 errant physicians not only violates the specific order of the High Court, it also encourages negligent practice of medicine by doctors across West Bengal. PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, has submitted an urgent appeal with WBMC today urging them for immediate suspension of licenses of all 8 doctors. Dr. Saha has also issued a stern warning to WBMC Registrar, Mr. D.K. Ghosh, that unless they take action for suspension of medical registrations of all the delinquent doctors within two weeks, PBT may move the court seeking “contempt of court” action against the devious WBMC members (see PBT’s appeal below).

WBMC Appeal (May 18, 2015)

Cal HC Judg. (May 5, 2015) Biman Saharoy case

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  • S.K.Thakur May 19, 2015, 9:51 am

    Please upload the judgment. It is missing.

    • pbtindia May 20, 2015, 10:59 am

      Calcutta HC judgment attached with the original report

  • Dr Basavaraj Modi May 19, 2015, 11:20 am

    This is the reason as to why doctors are not bothered about medical negligence cases. Neither Medical Council nor Goverments are monitoring not only medical negligence but also medical malpractice. Now medical practice takes place in various forms & has reached gigantic proportion. There is urgent need to controll it.

  • sonia May 19, 2015, 10:29 pm

    Medical councils only seem to be serving the purpose of protecting doctors. Who are they funded by?

  • Seshadri R May 20, 2015, 2:10 am

    Prompt action taken by PBT. The petition is rejected by Division bench of Calcutta and directed WBMC to take appropriate action as directed by MCI. The same should be applicable to Dr. Ketan Desai also as he is suspended by MCI, Delhi. How GSMC recommended Ketan Desai to membership of medical council. What will happen if some body files a petition in Gujarat high court, quoting the Calcutta division bench case????