Guess Who Were Celebrating BJP President’s Son’s Marriage Party? All Top BJP Leaders And Ketan Desai

According to published report, BJP President and Prime Minister Modi’s closest confidante, Amit Shah’s son’s marriage was held through a lavish ceremony in Ahmedabad today where all top ministers and leaders of BJP were present along with disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai (see news below). Apart from most central ministers of the BJP government including the newly chosen health minister, Mr. J.P. Nadda, the entire Gujarat cabinet headed by chief minister, Anandiben Patel, was also in the guest list along with Ketan Desai.

Only two months ago, Health Minister Nadda also attended a medical conference in Ahmedabad sitting next to Desai ignoring strong objection from PBT. Even the Additional Solicitor General of BJP government, Mr. Tushar Mehta, was also seen in the marriage party along with the top medical mafia, Ketan Desai. It must be noted that Desai is still free on bail, waiting for his trial to begin for serious charges of bribery and corruption. As the health minister enjoys the marriage ceremony with Desai, numerous complaints from PBT and others against Desai and his medical cronies in MCI/IMA are collecting dust in health minister’s office. Can we still trust the BJP government to bring Ketan Desai to justice? Ironically, while the ministers and Desai were enjoying the Amit Shah’s son’s marriage party, BJP was routed by the AAP in Delhi. We call Mr. Modi to wake up and cleanse the rot in the health ministry as otherwise, BJP might look like the Congress party today come next general election.

DNA (Feb 10, 2015) Desai in Amit Shah’s son’s marriage