Top Political and Medical Leaders Attend Lavish Party to Celebrate Marriage of Dr. Ketan Desai’s Daughter: Can Desai Ever Be Brought to Justice? – PBT Seeks PM’s Urgent Intervention

Top leaders from political parties of all colors including sitting chief ministers of three different states (Gujarat, Utter Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh) attended a lavish marriage ceremony of Dr. Desai’s daughter held in Ahmedabad on Saturday (Nov. 29).  Top medical leaders of MCI including members of the Ethics Committee and leaders of IMA also joined this party to celebrate the marriage of the daughter of the biggest medical mafia in Indian medicine (see news below).  This shameless public display of celebration by India’s top political and medical leaders is clearly aimed to express their solidarity and support for the condemned ex-MCI president.

Dr. Desai perhaps played the most heinous role in spreading medical corruption during his long tenure as the head of MCI and IMA.  Dr. Desai was arrested by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in 2010 for taking bribe from a private medical college allegedly in exchange of granting MCI recognition.  While Dr. Desai is still free on bail waiting for his criminal trial to begin, it was recently reported that he had several private meetings with the CBI Director, Mr. Ranjit Sinha.  Dr. Desai also managed to put his cronies to the top positions in MCI through a botched election last year.  However, in response to a recent PIL filed by our organization (W.P. No. 890/2014), Hon’ble Supreme Court issued notice against MCI and Dr. Desai for their role in the allegedly rigged MCI election.  The highly publicized, long and sordid saga of Dr. Desai has created a deep distrust for the ordinary people across India against the entire medical community.

Dr. Desai is not only facing serious criminal charges from CBI for bribery and corruption, he is also facing cases for allegedly rigging the MCI election.  We are deeply concerned with this recent development because of the shameless patronage shown by top leaders from different political parties in support of Dr. Desai.  This raises serious question about extraneous influences trying to shield Dr. Desai and it also sends a wrong signal for the public at large.  PBT has submitted an urgent memorandum to the Prime Minister seeking his immediate intervention in this matter to assure equitable justice for tainted Dr. Desai (see below).

Ind. Express (Nov 30, 2014) Desai daughter’s wedding

Memorandum to PM (Dec 1, 2014)