CBI Denies Any Meeting Between Ketan Desai and CBI Director: Is CBI Trying To Shield Desai Once Again?

It was revealed earlier this month in the course of investigation of the 2G scam that CBI Director, Mr. Ranjit Sinha, personally met with several high-profile accused persons who were being investigated by CBI for corruption including disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai.  In view of possible connivance between Dr. Desai and CBI Director, PBT recently sought information (under RTI Act) from CBI about the meetings that took place between CBI Director and Dr. Desai.  The specific information sought from CBI includes:

1. All records of meetings between CBI Director, Mr. Ranjit Sinha and Dr. Desai since his arrest in 2010 including the time, place, notes/diary and reasons for those meetings.

2.  All records of meetings, if any, that took place between any CBI Director and/or other top CBI officials and Dr. Desai since his arrest in 2010.

3.  All records and meetings that took place between Mr. Ranjit Sinha and other top CBI officials and any political leaders and ministers in relation to CBI case against Dr. Desai.

In response to our RTI queries, CBI has responded with a categorical denial that “No such information (of meetings) is available in the office of Director, CBI”.  In other words, CBI has denied that any meeting ever took place between the CBI Director and Dr. Desai since his arrest in 2010.  If this information is correct, then the affidavit based on which Supreme Court took cognizance that Mr. Sinha had met influential accused persons including Dr. Desai on several occasions would be false.  On the contrary, if the claim made before the Apex Court (through a PIL by Mr. Prashant Bhushan) about alleged meetings between CBI Director and Dr. Desai is true, then it is obvious that CBI has provided us false information in order to shield unlawful activities by their Director.

PBT is planning to lodge an appeal, as permitted under RTI Act, against the seemingly cooked up information provided by CBI.  The CBI had goofed up investigation of Dr. Desai in the past after Delhi High Court found him guilty for corruption in 2001.  CBI’s previous acquittal also helped Dr. Desai to become MCI president in 2009 but he was again caught red-handed with huge bribe from a private medical college in 2010.  Can people of India trust the present CBI to perform a fair and impartial investigation against Dr. Desai?  We urge the Home Ministry for their immediate intervention in this deplorable condition in CBI and to assure that  Dr. Desai and all his medical cronies are brought to equitable justice (see news below).

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