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Kolkata Doctors on Savage Attack, Kill Man Suspected of Stealing a Cell Phone

In a frenzy of savage rage and anger, large number of medical students and junior doctors at a premier government medical college in Kolkata (Nilratan Ratan Sircar Medical College & Hospital) attacked a 30-year old man who they believed came only to steal a cell phone and brutally beat him after tying him to a post and left him there bleeding.  When police came and took the severely injured man to the emergency of the very same hospital only a block away, the unidentified man was already dead (see news below).  Ironically, nobody has been arrested by the police even this horrific broad day-light lynching of the modern era.  Who are these medical students and junior doctors?  One must shudder to imagine that lives of innocent patients of West Bengal will be in the hands of such inhuman and merciless future doctors.  PBT has already lodged a formal complaint with the West Bengal Health Department and Govrnor demanding immediate arrest and exemplary punishment of all junior doctors and student who were involved with this case.

H Times (Nov 17, 2014) Docs beats man to death

Statesman (Nov 17, 2014) Docs beat man to death

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  • Anonymous November 25, 2014, 4:44 am

    This is called Wolves in sheep’s clothing. There is no people to come forward against brutually cold blooder murder. Where is civil’s society peoples. Nobody political party has raised their voice about that. Selfishness and poltical business have proved that nobody cares poor people and if poor is from minority section. Shame shame shame.

  • kalyan chatterjee November 25, 2014, 9:04 am

    i am very much glad to know for this type protest against ” white color god/ Nobel professional persons are doing in all respect good job any hospital
    as they claim. all time they have in right way and others are doing wrong.
    this now their view for the want to save their self in front of local mass and press now this time.
    hope time will say as like that ” SUN RISE IN THE EAST”?