Medical Corruption: PBT Launches Online Mass Petition Against Ketan Desai and His Cronies in MCI and IMA

All conscientious citizens and supporters of our battle against corruption in medical education and healthcare delivery system are cordially invited to electronically sign an online mass petition which will be sent to the central health minister.  This mass petition was launched yesterday through CHANGE.ORG and you can sign the petition to express your support simply by clicking the link shown below or by copying the link to your computer browser.  The petition has sought health minister’s urgent attention to stop the wide-spread corruption by several top leaders of MCI and IMA (all are known cronies of Dr. Ketan Desai) who came to power through a botched MCI election and who are now hatching plans to restore the grossly tainted public image of Dr. Desai who is still free on bail and waiting to stand the criminal trial for bribery and corruption.  Also, ask all your friends and family to extend their support in this battle against corruption by signing this mass petition.  The complete petition can also be seen by clicking the link below: