Shocking Revelation of Wide-spread Corruption in MCI: Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) is “Scared” and Quits Investigation of MCI Corruption

PBT has obtained documents showing shocking incidence of wide-spread corruption by top leaders of Medical Council of India (MCI) that has forced the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), Mr. H.K. Jethi, to leave MCI as he was “feeling scared” as was subjected to “physical harassment” while investigating complaints of MCI corruption.  In fact, in preparation of Mr. Jethi’s departure from MCI, Health Ministry has already issued a memorandum earlier this month to find a “suitable candidate” for appointment as the new CVO in MCI (see documents below).  The Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health has also reported this for CBI enquiry and claimed that MCI president, Dr. Jayshreeben Mehta, has treated the CVO with a “vindictive attitude” and is seemingly “functioning in an autocratic manner” for protection of “some vested interests”.

The corrupt activities inside MCI and deliberate harassment of the investigating CVO by MCI leaders clearly underscore a pitiful condition of Indian highest medical regulatory body.  As we have recently reported, several top MCI members including Grievance Committee chairman, Dr. Ajay Kumar, and Ethics Committee member, Dr. Vinay Aggarwal, along with criminally-indicted ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai, attended World Medical Association (WMA) meeting in South Africa in demand of Dr. Desai’s reinstatement as future WMA president.  Unfortunately, PBT’s previous complaints against corrupt MCI members to the health ministry have yielded no response.  PBT has filed an urgent appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister today requesting his imminent intervention for immediate dissolution of the present MCI In view of the new revelation of blatant corruption inside MCI.

MCI Corruption (CVO Harrasment) Oct, 2014)