Health Minister Promises Once Again To Cleanse MCI Corruption: When Will He “Walk The Walk”?

The BJP government was swept to power with a massive win earlier this year primarily on the “anti-corruption” platform.  For ordinary citizens, nothing is more damaging than corruption in healthcare because life and death literally depend on an honest and efficient healthcare delivery system.  People were also very hopful when the BJP government chose a medical doctor, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, as the new Health Minister for overhauling the crumbling medical education and healthcare system after years of ruling by an inept UPA government.  But almost six months have passed since the new government came to power and there is absolutely no sign that the corrupt medical education and healthcare delivery system are likely to change as except some boisterous speeches by the newly elected BJP leaders, we see no evidence that Dr. Vardhan and his ministry are ready to walk the walk for solving the healthcare crisis.

Earlier this week (Sept. 29), Union Health Minister, Dr. Vardhan, called the press and candidly declared that he wants to bring an end to the inefficiencies and corruption in MCI which is the highest authority to regulate medical education and practice of medicine in India.  Ironically, in an interview reported on 7th June, 2014 in Indian Express, Dr. Vardhan also categorically stated that MCI has been a “big source of corruption” and that a clean-up operation for MCI is “on the cards”.  Over the past 5-6 months, PBT has also lodged several complaints with the health department for corruption against several top leaders of the present MCI including Dr. Ajay Kumar (chairman of MCI Grievance Committee), Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra (chairman of MCI Academic Council) and Dr. C.V. Bhirmanandam (MCI Vice-president), all of whom are known to be closely associated with disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai.  But PBT is still waiting to receive any response from the Health Minister or anybody in the health department about their serious allegations of corruption against top MCI members.

PBT and millions of hapless Indian patients are happy because Dr. Vardhan has vouched once again that he will tackle corruption in MCI soon.  But country’s medical education system is still being run by corrupt MCI leaders.  Dr. Ketan Desai just got himself elected as World Medical Association (WMA) president for 2016 using fraudulent documents and candid support from his cronies at MCI.  But what our Health Minister is waiting for to cleanse MCI?  It’s time that Dr. Vardhan and new BJP government walk the walk and not simply talk the talk like most political parties in India.