MCI Vice-president Does Not Deny Presence Of A “List” With Names Of Candidates Distributed at a Dinner Party Hosted By Ketan Desai on 9th December All of Whom Won MCI Election Held on 10th December

Since first publication of the news of PBT’s new writ petition (PIL) filed in Supreme Court with serious allegation of rigged MCI election on 10th December, 2013 seeking CBI investigation, in an interview given yesterday to The Telegraph, MCI Vice-president, Dr. C.V. Bhirmananandam, has virtually admitted that at a dinner party on 9th December, 2013 hosted by disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, at IMA House in Delhi, a printed list containing names of candidates who would be president, vice-president and Executive/Post-graduate Committee members in MCI election next day, i.e. 10th December, 2013.  And everybody in that list actually won MCI election next day “unopposed”.  This deplorable incidence is one of the major points that has been raised by PBT in their writ petition (The Telegraph report is shown below).

While the new MCI vice-president did not deny the issue of printed “list” circulated at Dr. Desai’s dinner party prior to the MCI election on 10th December, 2013, he found nothing wrong with this since everybody got elected “unopposed”.   Other direct and indirect evidence of corruption were also provided in the PIL including deliberate and absolute silence of MCI to take action on serious complaints against several top MCI members.  Ironically, a complaint was also lodged against Dr. Bhirmananandam seeking his removal from MCI because of his past tainted background as he was found by Tamil Nadu government issuing a false medical certificate to a high-power political leader who was in jail on charges of corruption to help him stay in the comfort of a hospital.  While PBT lodged this complaint with the health ministry and MCI against Dr. Bhirmananandam more than six months ago, nobody has shown any interest to investigate this serious allegation.

Telegraph (Sept. 14, 2014)