Election of MCI President/Vice-President and Executive/Post-graduate Committee Members Was Rigged by Influence from Dr. Ketan Desai and His Cronies: PIL Filed in Supreme Court by PBT

PBT has filed a writ petition (PIL) in Supreme Court seeking CBI investigation of the election held on 10th December, 2013 that elected the present MCI president/vice-president and members of important Executive/Post-graduate Committees.  PBT has also sought immediate removal of the MCI president/vice-president and members of Executive/Post-graduate Committees to be replaced by a neutral Committee/Board for transparent and efficient MCI function.

The PIL has provided strong supporting evidence showing that all members who are now holding top posts of MCI including president, vice-president and members of the Executive/Post-graduate Committees were elected “unopposed” through a rigged election held on 10th December, 2010 under the influence of disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, who is still facing criminal trial after CBI caught him red-handed for taking bribe from a private medical college while he was still president of MCI in 2010.  The PIL also includes documents showing that a dinner party was hosted by Dr. Desai and his cronies at the IMA House in New Delhi on 9th December, the night before MCI election was held, in which a printed list was circulated containing names who would be elected next MCI president/vice-president and Executive/Post-graduate members.  The list also contained names of the persons who would nominate (“proposers”) and those who would support the nomination (“seconders”).  And on 10th December, 2013, in the election held at MCI office, everybody was elected, proposed and seconded exactly as it appeared in the list circulated Dr. Desai’s dinner party the night before.

The PIL has alleged that Dr. Desai and his medial cronies have made the MCI election a sham exercise as many newly elected and nominated members remained silent under the external pressure and intimidation.   The PIL has further alleged that over the past 9 months since the new MCI came to power through the botched election, both health ministry and MCI have refused to act on numerous serious complaints that have been lodged against many of the members who are close to Dr. Desai and were put in top position inside MCI.  The PIL also alleges that Dr. Desai is still pulling all the strings for MCI from behind the curtain and that corruption is still pervasive in the the newly formed MCI.  However, PIL has put most blames on the last health ministry under UPA government headed by previous health minister, Mr. Gulam Nabi Azad, for rushing the election and not taking any action against Dr. Desai and his cronies.  It is expected that this important PIL will come up for hearing before the Apex Court within the next few weeks.