CBI Director Privately Met Five Times With Disgraced Ex-MCI President Ketan Desai As Corruption Case Against Desai Still Lingers In CBI Court

After Supreme Court intervened in the ongoing coal-scam case, it is revealed yesterday that CBI Director, Ranjit Sinha, met with many notorious accused who have been charged with corruption including disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, who was caught red-handed by CBI in 2010 for taking bribe from a private medical college allegedly in exchange of granting MCI recognition for MBBS course. At present, Dr. Desai is free on bail as his trial is being delayed due to stay on legal grounds.  We wonder what prompted the head of CBI to meet Dr. Desai in private when his own agency is still conducting criminal investigation against Desai for bribery and corruption.  It is common knowledge that Dr. Desai has been the supreme leader of medial mafias who are primarily responsible for ruining medical education and causing deep decay in the standard of medical practice across India.

It may be noted that in 2001, Dr. Desai, then MCI president, was removed by Delhi High Court which dubbed MCI as a “den of corruption” and directed CBI to investigate and prosecute Dr. Desai and his cronies in MCI.  But after a long-drawn botched investigation, CBI gave a clean chit to Dr. Desai which prompted him to return to MCI and elected “unopposed” as the MCI president again in 2009.  But within a year, he was again trapped through a sting operation for taking bribe as the entire MCI was dissolved in 2010.  While Dr. Desai is still roaming free on bail and already managed to put many of his known cronies at top positions in the newly formed MCI, we now know that he is not sitting idle as he repeatedly met with the top boss in CBI seemingly in order to obtain another clean chit from the highest law-enforcing agency in the country.

Ironically, some news media have already claimed that Dr. Desai has been cleared from all corruption charges by CBI in 2012 (see TOI report below).  This information is totally false as in an email dated October 23, 2013 written to PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, the main investigating officer (I.O.) of CBI has categorically admitted that corruption case in Delhi and Lucknow against Dr. Desai are still waiting for the trial to begin (see CBI email below).  We hope that the shocking revelation that Dr. Desai met CBI Director in his residence would prompt the new BJP government and Prime Minister to take immediate and decisive action to assure that equitable justice must be sustained for the most corrupt medical leader and worst enemy of healthcare delivery system in India.

TOI (Sept 5, 2014) Desai meets CBI chief

CBI email on Ketan Desai (Oct, 2013)