British Medical Journal (BMJ) Article: Severe Criticism By Indian Doctors And Response By PBT President

Within days after BMJ, top international medical journal, published a thought-provoking debate-article on the role of large compensation against medical negligence in India, most doctors’ groups and individual doctors in India have erupted in severe criticism of the Apex Court’s judgment in Anuradha Saha death case.  BMJ has published one such sharp reaction from one Dr. Neeraj Nagpal, who is also the Convenor of “Medicos Legal Action Group” and ex-IMA president in Chandigarh, as well as the response (Author’s Reply) from PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha rebutting Dr. Nagpal’s criticism of court’s award against medical negligence.  These responses can be viewed at the BMJ website at WWW.THEBMJ.COM and are also posted below.

BMJ (Rapid Responses) Sept 1, 2014