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West Bengal Medical Council Posts List of Pending Cases Against Doctors: 12-year Old Complaint Still Awaits Final Judgment

Under PBT’s relentless pressure to bring transparency in handling of cases against delinquent doctors, WBMC has eventually posted a list of the status of pending complaints against doctors on their website at WWW.WBMC.IN.  The list bears more glaring testimony of the pitiful status inside the medical council in dealing with allegations against doctors.  According to the list posted under the heading, “Penal cases under consideration as on 31st May, 2014”, a total of 376 cases are still pending before the Penal & Ethical (PE) Committee for final decision.  Following are some of the most glaringly aspects emerging from this list:

1) 12-year old complaints still languishing for final decision:  Many cases against doctors that are 10-12 years old are still pending for final verdict, sometime even after issuance of charge-sheet.  For example, a case against Dr. Sajal Sarkar (case no. 62-C/2002, Item no. 1) is still waiting for “hearing by the Council” even though Dr. Sarkar was charge-sheeted in this matter suggesting prima facie negligence.  Other cases are also pending since 2003, 2004 etc.  The Section 8.4 of MCI “Code of Ethics Regulations” has mandated that complaints against doctors must be decided “within a time-limit of 6 months”.

2)  Charge-sheet not delivered for months:  A case of 2010 where “charge-sheet to be issued” against the accused doctor has been delayed for months even to issue the charge-sheer – obviously enabling the charged doctor to roan scot-free (Serial no. 68)

3)  Complaints are selectively chosen as target:  While older cases (e.g. filed in 2013) are shown as “Yet to be marked to PE Committee”, cases filed later in 2014 have been “Under consideration of PE Committee” clearly suggesting that the WBMC is targeting some doctors, perhaps due to their political affiliation.

4)  Complaints against doctors are not increasing:  the list also establishes that it is a myth, as frequently claimed by the IMA leaders, that more people are filing complaints against doctors.  As shown in the list, it appears that while only about 46 complaints have been pending in 2014, the number of pending complaints in 2013 was about 157, 154 in 2012, 156 in 2011 and so on.  Therefore, there is no reason to imagine that people have become more vindictive and filing more complaints against doctors.

One important aspect of this list that has emerged is the names of all doctors in West Bengal who have been charged with “medical negligence”.  The complete list as it is shown at WBMC website is attached below.

WBMC Complaint List (May, 2014)


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  • agrwl August 31, 2014, 1:34 pm

    People for betterment of
    Foreign Medical Graduates
    President: R K Agrawal,
    231, Lalbaug, Morbi-2
    Health minister,
    Govt of India,
    New Delhi
    Sub:- Providing level playing field to foreign medical graduates.

    Ref:- 1. PBFMG letter dated 30.06.2014 titled “ Plight of foreign medical graduates & ways to improve supply of competent doctors while eliminating all types of incompetent doctors.
    2. PBFMG letter dated 30.06.2014 titled ‘ Plight of foreign medical graduates’
    3. PBFMG letter dated 10.07.2014 titled ‘ National exit exam for medical graduates.

    R sir,
    We on behalf of PBFMG hearty congratulate you & the committee formed by your good self for having come up with the brilliant proposal of exit exam which ensures uniform standards in medical education by making it mandatory for permanent registration & at the same time not affecting supply by innovative provision of temporary registration.

    We also congratulate you & the committee to incorporate mandatory provisions to appear & pass the test for permanent registration, thereby overturning the malafide intention of MCI, giving option to local graduates to by pass the exam, to avoid scrutiny of doctors produced by medical mafia controlled private colleges under MCI’s own corrupt system. Hope, its their last try to avoid scrutiny of doctors produced by these dubious colleges. Let the people know if their competency level before allowing them to play with their life.

    Scores of private medical colleges openly auction their seats in crores & pass them from their own private universities by taking crores again. Concerns regarding standards of education in such colleges are systematically overlooked by MCI, deciding their recognition & derecognition based on the weight of suitcase such colleges carry for likes of ketan desai in MCI.

    Foreign medical graduates, on the other hand, are the committed souls to this profession, having earned their admission in adverse terrains, without paying a single paisa by way of black money & donations to MCI or the medical mafia. Their admissions were till recently directly monitored by MCI by way of eligibility certificate. The process was much cleaner than the way private college mafia takes admission in their colleges by open auction of seats through daily advertisement in local newspapers.
    Still private college mafia in convenience with likes of ketan desai in MCI, having received no black money or donation from foreign students, has long been branding foreign graduates as incompetent by subjecting them to highly discriminatory level of screening test designed purposely to fail students to incite fear psychosis of not to go abroad & rather fall pray to private college seats, filled at huge donations. It is requested to direct MCI to desist itself from branding of foreign graduates as incompetent till relative level of competence is established by uniform application of exit exam to foreign graduates vis-a-viz medical mafia controlled private college graduates.

    MCI in its history since independence didn’t find a single doctor fit for major penalty. It was foreign experienced doctor, who lost her wife while travelling to india, who compelled MCI to take few such steps in recent time through various litigations in which MCI was seen taking side of negligent doctors but MCI was forced to swallow her words, & thereby tought some lessions in competency to MCI itself.

    It is therefore requested to give level playing field to foreign medical graduates by applying all the provisions of exit exam including the provisions of temporary registration uniformly in toto, in letter & in sprit to allow fair comparison of foreign medical graduates vis-a-vis medical mafia controlled private college graduates & let the country know the actual competency level of both.

    Uniform application of exit exam to all, even if he is a foreigner, is the established norm world over. USA ,Canada, austrailia, newzealand or even the least developed Nepal follow this principal. In our case, these foreign graduates are not even foreigners. They are the very sons of mother india.

    If at all india chooses to play in the hands of media mafia & likes of ketan desai in MCI once again & apply different yard stick for local & foreign graduates, which I am sure it will not, then india will have the dubious distinction of being the only country in the whole world, doing so.

    This will send wrong signals the world over that medical mafia & likes of ketan desai in MCI still prevails in the country irrespective of political party in power.

    I sincerely hope BJP will not let it happen.

    Thanking you,

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    (Rk agrawal)

    Copy to Respected Prime Minister of PMO India

    Copy to medical council of india