MCI Suspends License of Three Kolkata Doctors for Six Months for “Non-appearance” for the First Time in Indian Medical History

In an unprecedented move in Indian medicine, MCI, highest medical regulatory authority in India, has ordered to suspend registration of three doctors of a prominent Kolkata nursing home for a period of 6 months for “not appearing” before the MCI Ethics Committee to answer charges of medical negligence (see below MCI Order). For the first time, MCI has invoked the provision of Section 8.5 of MCI “Code of Ethics & Regulations” which allows to summarily suspend the license of an accused doctor during pendency of hearing ofthe complaint before the medical council.

The three doctors (Dr. P.K. Pujari, an orthopedic surgeon and two physicians, Dr. Ranjan Bhattacherjee and Dr. Asis Kumar Patra of Paramount Nursing Home in Kolkata) were involved in an alleged case of “medical negligence” which caused death of sister of Mr. Syamal Bose in Kolkata.  After Mr. Bose came to PBT seeking support for justice for the wrongful death of his sister, we provided him with the guidance to approach the state medical council seeking cancellation of medical registration of the accused doctors.  But West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) dismissed Mr. Bose’s complaint in 2013 through a botched investigation with a view that there was no medical negligence by any doctors following which Mr. Bose filed an appeal (under Section 8.8 of “Code of Ethics & Regulations”) with the MCI.  The historic MCI Order summarily suspending the three doctors’ medical registrations for non-appearance before the Ethics Committee is the result of PBT’s relentless pressure on the medical regulatory authorities for bringing justice to all victims of “medical negligence” which should send a strong signal to all negligent doctors.

While MCI has decided to suspend the license of the three Kolkata doctors for a period of 6 months, this direction has to be implemented by the WBMC where these doctors are registered to practice medicine.  In fact, the MCI Order was directed to the WBMC Registrar for taking appropriate action to suspend the medical registration of the three Kolkata doctors.  Like most other state medical councils, WBMC has also worked primarily to shield the negligent doctors with an oblique interest but they must act now to cancel medical registration of the three doctors to send the right message to the ordinary people.  PBT has already written to the WBMC to act in this matter without any further delay and we will bring them to the court if they remain silent.

MCI Order (Aug 2014) suspend for non-appearance PBT case