Historic Conference by PBT: Chief Justice of India (CJI) J.S. Verma’s Daughter Demands Justice For Her Father and Sitting MCI Member Exposes Wide-spread Corruption Inside MCI

PBT hosted a historic public seminar at Rotary Sadan in Kolkata on Sunday in which at least 12 medical doctors also joined to raise their voice against medical corruption.  Subhra Verma, daughter of one of the most respected ex-CJI, Justice J.S. Verma, also described how her father became a victim of medical negligence by top Delhi doctors and how even after his death, Delhi Medical Council (DMC) deliberately shielded the errant doctors.  Dr. Balbir Tomar, member of the new MCI, lashed out to the rampant corruption inside MCI which is still controlled by the disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai and his cronies.  Mr. M.N. Krishnamani, Sr. Advocate and several times Supreme Court Bar president discussed how new provisions of law, as delivered by the Apex Court in Anuradha Saha death case, may play a major role in bringing justice to the victims of medical negligence.  PBT president and HIV/AIDS specialist, Dr. Kunal Saha called upon the “good’ doctors to step forward and help to cleanse the deep-rooted rot in the healthcare delivery system.  Many victims including doctors attended the program, some coming from far away places like Delhi, Bhopal and Bokharo.  The program was widely reported by the local and national media (see below).

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