Ketan Desai Saga: Gujarat HC Urges PBT To Lodge New Application To State Govt. For Removal Of Desai From Gujarat University

Gujarat High Court (HC) division bench of Justices Mr. Jayant Patel and Mr. Z.K. Saiyed disposed of the public interest litigation (PIL) filed against the inaction on part of Gujarat University (GU) after PBT lodged a complaint against disgraced ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai for his unlawful entry in the university senate with a direction that PBT may approach the Gujarat Govt. with a new application seeking to remove Dr. Desai from the GU senate under Section 58 of Gujarat Univ. Act.  Soon after the arrest of Dr. Desai by CBI for taking bribe from a private medical college in 2010, Desai’s medical registration was suspended indefinitely following a complaint lodged by PBT.  But using sinister influence, Desai managed to get himself elected “unopposed” to the GU senate as a medical man despite being criminally indicted with a suspended medical license.  After PBT moved the Supreme Court, leave was granted to move the “authority” (GU) for removal of Desai from the university.  But repeated appeals to the GU fell in deaf ears as PBT was compelled to move the Gujarat HC again to bring justice to Desai.  The order passed by Gujarat HC asking PBT to move a new application with the state government, while may take more time, it may force GU to expel Desai.  Ironically, by virtue of his GU senate position, Desai also managed recently to get himself elected “unopposed” to the MCI.   While Desai himself has not yet joined MCI as a member, the newly formed MCI is being ruled mostly by Desai’s cronies.  PBT has also written to the new health minister, Dr. Harsh Bardhan, seeking him imminent intervention to cleanse MCI and to take exemplary action against Desai and his cronies in order to restore public trust on the medical education and healthcare delivery system.  PBT is the only reputed organization that has been fighting relentlessly against corrupt medical mafias including Desai and his numerous cronies.