British Medical Journal Finds Indian Healthcare Corruption Double Than Rest Of The World, Highlights PBT’s Efforts To Include Non-doctors In Regulatory Bodies

The level of healthcare corruption in India is double to that of the rest of the world – this shocking finding was revealed in the top international medical journal, British Medical Journal (BMJ). In an editorial published in the latest issue of BMJ, it is claimed that wide-spread corruption among doctors and healthcare workers has steadily eroded public trust and respect for doctors.  Lack of accountability in both public and private health sectors has been found primarily responsible for the spread of corruption in the medical system in India.  The article has stressed that doctors must fight back against “kickbacks” to restore public trust.  The article has highlighted“People for Better Treatment” for their relentless campaign to instill accountability in Indian healthcare system. (see the article below)

BMJ (Healthcare Corruption) June 26, 2014