PBT Celebrates “Rogi Divas” (Patients’ Day): Seeks Immediate Intervention of Governor On Six Points To Prevent Medical Negligence And To Bring Justice For Victims

In celebration of “Rogi Divas” (Patients’ Day) today (May 28), PBT holds huge public seminar in Kolkata to spread public awareness about patients’ rights and fighting pervasive medical negligence in hospitals and nursing homes across India.  Earlier in the morning, PBT submitted a memorandum with the West Bengal Governor, Mr. M.K. Narayanan, with six-point demands:

1) To investigate and stringent action for police brutality against several PBT members and innocent victims of medical negligence during a peaceful demonstration last week in Kolkata.

2) To form a “fast track” court for rapid disposal of cases involving “medical negligence”.

3) To form an independent body to oversee functioning of the state medical council.

4) Strict implementation of “Clinical Establishment Act” for protection of hapless patients against financial and medical manipulation by doctors/hospitals.

5) To direct medical councils to dispose of all complaints against doctors within 6 months as stipulated under law.

6) To shut down AMRI Hospital in Kolkata that has declared financial insolvency before Supreme Court (in Anuradha Saha death case) to protect the innocent patients who are treated there every day. (see Statesman news below)

Copy of PBT’s memorandum submitted with the Governor is attached below.  PBT calls all patients and conscientious citizens to join us and stand up to for your fundamental rights and demand ethical and careful treatment from all hospitals/doctors.

Statesman (May 29, 2014)

Governor Memorandum (May 28, 2014)