MCI Declares All Decisions Taken by Previous Council Between 2010 and 2013 Void: Sinister Ploy To Revive Suspended Dr. Ketan Desai and Other Negligent/Corrupt Doctors

In an unprecedented move seemingly to revive disgraced ex-MCI president Dr. Ketan Desai and other negligent/unethical doctors who have been punished by the previous Council under “Board of Governors” (BOG), newly formed MCI Ethics Committee (EC) headed by present president, Dr. Jaysreeben Mehta, has decided to declare that all decisions taken by BOG between May, 2010 (when MCI was dissolved following arrest of then MCI president, Dr. Desai and a 7-member BOG was formed to run MCI) and November, 2013 (when BOG was eliminated and new MCI was formed) would be deemed null and void.  In other words, all decisions taken by BOG over the past three and half years including suspension of Dr. Desai’s medical license (in response to PBT’s complaint against Dr. Desai) would be meaningless. Doctors whose registrations have been cancelled/suspended over the past three and half years on charges of “medical negligence” or unethical practice will also rejoice with this development at MCI.  This mindless decision by the MCI EC members, most of whom are known cronies of Dr. Desai, will undoubtedly embolden all negligent and corrupt medicos while it sends a chilling signal to the honest doctors and public at large.  PBT has already lodged a complaint with the health ministry urging them to intervene in this atrocious act by the MCI.  PBT is also planning to move the court of law challenging this sinister and unlawful act by MCI. (see TOI news below)

TOI (March 15, 2014) MCI News