With A Suspended Medical License And Facing Criminal Trial, Dr. Ketan Desai Nominated To Dental Council of India By Gujarat University: Is This The Way Modi Government Plans To Rule India?

In another unbelievable and shameless act of brazen atrocity, Gujarat University (GU), under the ruling of the Modi Government, nominated disgraced ex-Medical Council of India (MCI) president, Dr. Ketan Desai, as their representative member for the Dental Council of India (see news below).  Only a few months ago, GU had nominated Dr. Desai to the newly formed  MCI against which PBT has already lodged a formal complaint with the central health ministry.  Latest nomination of Dr. Desai to the Dental Council raises serious questions and underscores the firm grip that Desai has not only over the UPA government in the center but also over the Modi government in Gujarat.  Ironically, Desai’s medical registration still remains suspended by the MCI (after PBT lodged a formal complaint following his arrest in 2010) and he still remains indicted for criminal offense and facing criminal trial by CBI for serious charges of alleged bribery and corruption.

How a disgraced doctor like Ketan Desai with a suspended license and criminal indictment even be considered for an important and prestigious post in MCI or Dental Council?  Even more strange, Dr. Desai is not a dentist but a physician in allopathic medicine.  How could he become a member in the Dental Council?  A public interest litigation filed  by PBT is still pending before Gujarat High Court against the Modi government for allowing Desai to enter the GU Senate.  Desai’s nomination to the Dental Council must also be brought to the court.  But the larger question that looms large for people of India – why Modi government is still backing a corrupt and disgraced medical mafia like Ketan Desai?  Is this the way India would be ruled if BJP manages to win the ongoing election andMr. Modi becomes the next prime minister of India?

TOI (April 28, 2014) Desai to Dental Council