Medical Council of India (MCI) Cancels License of Dr. Ketan Desai: PBT Brings Down the Scam-tainted Ex-head of Indian Medicine

In one of the biggest achievements of PBT’s fight against corruption in healthcare, the Medical Council of India (MCI), highest regulatory body for practice of medicine, has suspended Dr. Ketan Desai’s license to practice medicine with immediate effect.  Dr. Desai has also been barred from appearing in any medical conference as a doctor.  While Dr. Desai was arrested by the CBI almost six months ago for taking bribes, he maintained his status as a medical doctor. 

PBT filed a formal complaint with the Gujarat Medical Council for cancellation of Dr. Desai’s medical registration for his criminal offense and moral turpitude.  But Gujarat Medical Council, where Dr. Desai still remains as the president, remained motionless and deliberately shielded Dr. Desai.  PBT filed an appeal with the MCI against this willful and malicious action by the Gujarat Medical Council.  Based on PBT’s appeal, the MCI cancelled Dr. Desai’s license pending a full investigation by the Ethics Committee. 

The complete order of the MCI and the Ethic committee proceeding may be seen by here: 

 MCI Decision (Desai’s license cancel) Oct. 9, 2010 v2.0 (1)

Ethics Committee Proceedings