Why MCI Remains Silent About “Ethics Committee” Meetings To Decide Pending Complaints Against Negligent And Unethical Doctors?

For the past almost 1 year, there is absolutely no information posted on Medical Council of India (MCI) website about the current status of investigation of the numerous complaints lodged against doctors in India.  The last “Ethics Committee” minutes posted on MCI website is dated 24th May, 2013, long before the new MCI was constituted last December under the leadership of Gujarat-based doctor, Jayasree Mehta, a close associate of disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai.  After coming to power, members of new MCI (with many known supporters of Dr. Ketan Desai) promptly formed an “Ethics Committee” headed by one Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad, a long-time ally of Dr. Desai who also voted to make him MCI president in 2009.  PBT has learned from reliable sources that the new “Ethics Committee” has already met on several occasions and exonerated many accused doctors who had been facing serious charges including Dr. Desai himself whose registration was suspended in 2010 in response to complaint from PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha.  The new “Ethics Committee” has also acquitted Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra, another known Dr. Desai crony and ex-MCI member with grossly tainted background who was found guilty and recommended for “major penalty” by CBI for alleged corruption with granting tender for construction of new MCI building  between 2000 and 2003.  Ironically, instead of a “major penalty”, the new MCI has promoted Dr. Mishra and recently made his chairman of MCI “Academi Counil”.

Why MCI is reluctant to post details of “Ethics Committee” meetings on their website for public information?  Unfortunately, the answer is too obvious to all of us.  Incidentally, in response to an appeal by PBT working committee member and a victim of gross “medical negligence” (Case no. CIC/SG/A/2011/003627/17318; Mr. S.P. Manchanda vs. PIO & Law Officer, MCI) for violation of RTI Act, 2005, Central Information Commission (CIC)  directed in 2012 that MCI must promptly post minutes of all meetings on their website for transparency and honesty.  Of course, with so many members with tainted background and under direct or indirect control of Dr. Ketan Desai, no wonder the new MCI is in no mood to give any heed to the CIC order.  PBT is planning to move a “contempt” petition against the deliberate and sinister act by the new MCI.