Times Now “NRI of the Year” Award Will Be Televised Across The Globe On Saturday (April 12): PBT President Awarded For Bringing The Message That “Human Lives Are Too Precious To Treat Negligently”

“Times Now”, India’s premier television network from the Times Group will broadcast the recent “NRI of the Year” award ceremony in India and across the globe at 6:30 pm (Indian Time) on Saturday, April 12.  PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, was elected as the only NRI for this award under “My India” category for making significant contribution to a “social cause” in India.  The organizers have provided a brief summary of the reasons for choosing PBT president for this first-ever “NRI of the Year” award (see below).  The full report and other award-related information have been posed at the organizers website at WWW.NRIOFTHEYEAR.COM.  The live program can also be seen online at www.live.indiatimes.com


Dr. Kunal Saha has been fighting to remove healthcare corruption and to prevent medical negligence in India since the past 15 years. His battle against “medical negligence” culminated in 2013 when the Supreme Court of India awarded the highest compensation ever in Indian medical history.

After losing young wife and US-based child psychologist, Anuradha Saha, as a result of gross medical negligence during a social visit to India in 1998, Dr. Kunal took over a crusade not only to bring justice to his departed wife, but also for the millions of hapless patients in India who are dying every day because of reckless treatment by the hitherto “untouchable” doctors in India.

He also took over the seemingly impossible task to weed out the deep-rooted corruption that has plagued the Indian medical education and healthcare delivery systems. He founded “People for Better Treatment” (PBT), a registered humanitarian society to help the victims of medical negligence and to fight medical corruption in 2001. Over the past 13 years, PBT has brought hope for justice for countless alleged victims of medical malpractice and implemented major changes in the deeply flawed medical regulatory system through numerous public interest litigations (PILs) in Supreme Court and High Courts across India.

The impact of participant’s long-drawn legal and public fight in India has already created greater awareness about patients’ rights and sent a clear message to the members of the medical community across India that human lives are too precious to treat negligently and that the errant medicos will be held accountable for the reckless treatment of patients.

Perhaps more importantly, Dr. Kunal’s long and unselfish fight over the years with its culmination in 2013 (with win in Supreme Court) has brought a new ray of hope for the countless innocent victims of “medical negligence” in India who until now, had no hope for finding justice in the court of law against the wealthy and highly influential doctors/hospitals and as such, often resorted to take law into their own hands and attacked the allegedly negligent doctor(s) in a misguided attempt to find justice after losing their loved ones in front of their own eyes from gross medical negligence.