MCI Declares Names Of 15 “Fake” Doctors Obtained Registrations By “Cheating” And “Forgery” Only On Their Website Raising Serious Questions About Competency And Honesty Of India’s Apex Medical Body

Medical Council of India (MCI) has posted a “public notice” on their website containing names of 15 doctors who have “cheated” and “forged” documents to obtain registration numbers from the apex medical body (see the “Public Notice” below).  Obviously, these are bogus doctors without proper medical knowledge and they should be considered as nothing more than “quacks”.  Perhaps these fake doctors are practicing right now in various parts of India putting lives of unsuspecting patients in serious danger.

But it is amazing that apart from providing the names of these 15 bogus doctors and their father’s names, MCI has not provided any other information to warn the innocent patients or to apprehend these fraudulent medicos.  MCI did not disclose the addresses of these illicit doctors or provided any information where they were practicing in the past.  MCI did not even post pictures of these dangerous doctors for their easy identification.  This action by MCI raises several questions:

1) How “forged” documents could be used to obtain registration from the highest medical regulatory body in India?  Either “incompetent” or “corrupt” MCI insiders must be involved with such a colossal failure in the system.

2) Why MCI did not provide detail information about these fake doctors?

3) Whether MCI has initiated nation-wide haunt and appropriate criminal proceedings against these bogus doctors/

4) Hardly any patient in India visit MCI website on a regular basis.  Why MCI is not running nation-wide advertisements to make public aware about these dangerous doctors?

MCI Notice (April, 2014) Unregistered docs