Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra, Another Close Ally Of Ketan Desai Becomes MCI Member: CBI Found Dr. Mishra Guilty For “Gross Irregularity” And Recommended “Major Penalty” In The Last MCI

In the ongoing saga of establishing new MCI with tainted doctors who have been close to disgraced ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai, the latest addition is Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra, who was inducted as a new member during the MCI general body meeting last week.  Ironically, CBI investigation of corruption and money laundering within MCI during Ketan Desai era found Dr. Mishra and several other then MCI members/employees guilty for “gross irregularity” in a multi-crore rupees scam involving construction of new MCI building (Dr. Mishra was a member of the “Building Committee”).  In fact, CBI recommended MCI to give “major penalty” against Dr. Mishra.  Instead of any “major” or even “minor” penalty, MCI has brought back Dr. Mishra as a powerful member of the new MCI.  Some of the scathing observations made by CBI against Dr. Mishra in the final order in Case No. PE-DAI–2005-A-0015 are shown below:

“…….Therefore, the Members of the Building Committee Dr. K.K. Arora, Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra & Dr. D.K. Sharma connected with the award of work to M/s L&T for the construction of MCI building at Dwarka, have committed gross irregularity.

The signed letter of Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra, dt. 17/1/2000 is on record and the presence of Dr. D.K. Sharma in the meeting of Building Committee on 18/1/2000 is also on record. This goes ton to prove the gross irregularity conducted by them in the award of contract to M/s L&T.

In view of the enquiry conducted on the abovesaid allegations, it is apparent that the rules and guidelines in the recruitment and building construction of MCI were violated intentionally and there has been lack of transparency in the functioning of MCI. In view of the discussions as mentioned above there is prima facie evidence of gross irregularity against the present Secretary, Dr. ARN Setalvad, the Section Officer Ms. S. Savitha, the LDC Sh. Manoj Kumar, the Deputy Secretary Dr. K.K. Arora and Members of MCI Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra and Dr. D.K. Sharma.

VI. Conclusion:

The enquiry has revealed that malpractices were resorted to in the recruitment process of LDC Sh. Laxmi Narayan by Dr. ARN Setalvad, Ms. S. Savitha and Sh. Manoj Kumar with ulterior motives, in gross violation of the Recruitment Rules of MCI.

The enquiry has revealed that intentional omissions and commissions were committed by Dr. K.K. Arora, Dr. V.P. Mishra and Dr. D.K. Sharma in the award of contract for building construction.

Final recommendations:

 On the basis of the above, competent authority in CBI has approved RDA for Major Penalty against the following officials of MCI for the omissions and commissions committed by them as discussed above, 

1. Dr. ARN Setalvad, Secretary, MCI

2. Dr. K.K. Arora, Deputy Secretary, MCI

3. Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra, Member, MCI

4. Dr. D.K. Sharma, Member, MCI”