MCI Member Elected From King George Medical University Through “University” Quota Knowing That He Would Retire From University In A Few Months

Dr. Devendra.K. Gupta was elected last December to the newly formed Medical Council of India (MCI)  from the King George Medical University (KGMU) in U.P. under Section 3.1b of Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (IMC Act, 1956).  The Section 3.1b of IMC Act, 1956 allows each medical university to send one representative to MCI.   But Dr. Gupta is scheduled to retire from KGMU next month and under the specific provision of Section 3.1b, any MCI member elected under this provision of law “shall be deemed to have vacated his seat” if he ceases to be a member of the concerned university.  In other words, Dr. Gupta cannot be considered MCI member from the day he retires from KGMU next month.  Two obvious questions come to mind – first, why was Dr. Gupta elected in the first place when the university was well aware that under the law, he could be MCI member only after a couple of months?  Second, has MCI taken any step to remove Dr. Gupta and replace him with a new member in just about a month?  Raising these serious concerns, PBT has submitted a memorandum with MCI president, Dr. Jaysreeben Mehta today seeking her urgent attention to this important matter (see below)

Let to MCI presidnet (Mar 11, 2014)