MCI Selects Tainted Doctor and Known Crony Of Ketan Desai As Chairman Of Prestigious “Academic Council” Who Was Found Guilty By CBI For Shady Deals With Building Construction: PBT Appeals To Health Ministry For Removal Of Executive Committee Members

Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra, a tainted doctor and well-known crony of disgraced ex-MCI president, Dr. Ketan Desai, was recently selected as the chairman of the important “Academic Council” by the new MCI.  This is the latest of the hosts of scandals exposed showing the firm grip that Dr. Desai has on the present MCI which was formed only a few months earlier.  Dr. Mishra has been a long-time backer and close associate of Dr. Desai.  He had been in MCI during most of the time of Ketan Desai era until MCI was dissolved in 2010 following the arrest of Dr. Desai.  He also voted to make Dr. Desai MCI president in 2009.  The corrupt nature of Dr. Mishra was fully exposed after CBI found him guilty for shady deals with construction companies as a member of the MCI “Building Committee” between 2000 and 2005.  In fact, after a full investigation, CBI not only found Dr. Mishra guilty for his involvement with spurious building deals, but CBI also recommended “major penalty” against him (see CBI report below).  But instead of any “major penalty”, the new MCI promoted him as the chairman of “Academic Council” and more shockingly, exonerated him from all charges labeled against him by the CBI in an Executive Committee meeting held on 18th February, 2014.  PBT has lodged a formal complaint today with the Health Ministry seeking a full investigation of this sordid episode and demanding immediate removal of the Executive Committee members from MCI under Section 30A(2g) of “Indian Medical Council Amendment Ordinance, 2013” since their action is clearly detrimental to public interest which is prohibited under Section 30A(2g).  (see PBT’s letter to Health Ministry below)

Let to Health Ministry (March 7, 2014)

Annexure-B (Health Ministry, Mar 7, 2014) CBI Report