License of New Jersey Doctor Revoked for Performing Surgery Without “Proper Training”

In a remarkable demonstration of intolerance against medical negligence, New Jersey medical board (akin to state medical council in India) has unanimously decided to revoke the medical registration of an anesthetist, Dr. Richard Kaul, for doing surgery without proper education and training as reported in British Medical Journal (BMJ 2014, vol. 348).  The New Jersey board held Dr. Kaul guilty for “professional misconduct” and “dishonesty”.  Interestingly, the patients that Dr. Kaul operated upon did not die from the surgery but medical regulatory body in New Jersey found Dr. Kaul’s act dangerous as it “put the public at grave risk” because he was trained as an anesthesiologist and not a surgeon.  Ironically, Dr. Kaul is originally from UK but lost his medical license there after he was convicted for manslaughter for causing death of a patient (see news below).  Could we ever imagine such proactive stance from our doctor-leaders in the medical councils to protect the hapless patients in India?

US Doc License Cancelled (Feb, 2014)