Honest Health Secretary Transferred Allegedly To Make Easy Return Of Disgraced Dr. Ketan Desai Back To MCI: PBT Sends Urgent Appeal Seeking Prime Minister’s Intervention

In yet another blatant move by the dubious central health ministry, Mr. Keshav Desiraju, a well-known and upright Secretary in the health department was transferred by the health minister.  The question is “why”?  When the entire healthcare system is reeling under allegations of wide-spread incompetence and corruption with public discontent growing day by day, why the health ministry decided to shift one of its rare honest high-rank officials out of the health department?  Reportedly, Mr. Desiraju has been an obstacle on the way for disgraced ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai, to return to MCI.

Published report in “Daily Pioneer” (see below) has claimed that Mr. Desiraju was removed from the health ministry for his role to initiate action to remove 17 tainted newly elected/nominated MCI members all of whom are known cronies of Dr. Desai and voted to elect Dr. Desai as MCI president in 2009.  Ironically, PBT lodged the complaint with the health ministry last year against these 17 new MCI members with tainted history seeking their removal under law because their presence in MCI was detrimental to public interest.  Despite Dr. Desiraju’s willingness to take action in this matter, the health ministry has remained absolutely silent until now.  PBT is planning to move the court of law against these atrocities by the health ministry.  PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha also wrote to Prime Minister yesterday urging him to intervene in this reckless act by the health ministry and demanding that Mr. Desiraju be brought back to the health department (see below).

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