MCI Vice-president Threatens PBT Volunteer In Chennai Forcing Her To Quit

In a shocking display of evil power of political influence and wealth, Dr. C.V. Bhirmanandam, MCI Vice-president and a well-known backer of disgraced ex-MCI chief Dr. Ketan Desai, threatened a young woman who was working as the coordinator of the newly opened PBT branch in Chennai forcing the volunteer to quit PBT out of fear of retaliation.  Ironically, the reason of Dr. Bhirmanandam’s intense ire toward PBT had absolutely nothing to do with the volunteer because he was upset after PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha lodged a complaint with central health ministry in a letter dated 13th January, 2014 urging the government to remove Dr. Bhirmanandam from the coveted post of MCI Vice-president since he allegedly issued a false medical certificate to help a jailed political leader, T.T.V. Dhinakaran to be transferred to a hospital in order to avoid the harsh environment of the prison (see letter sent to health ministry below).  Mr. Dhinakaran is presently a member of Parliament (M.P.) from the state of Tamil Nadu.

While Dr. Bhirmanandam may feel aggrieved with the complaint lodged by Dr. Saha and as a citizen of the largest democracy of the world, he has every right to approach any court for civil or criminal prosecution of Dr. Saha, he has absolutely no right to threaten or bully an innocent PBT worker who was merely volunteering her service to help the victims of medical negligence in Chennai and surrounding areas.  No language is harsh enough to criticize this deplorable act by Dr. Bhirmanandam.  With the rapidly declining public trust on the medical community and abysmally low level of doctor-patient relationship today, we urge all honest and conscientious doctors to raise their voice against the shameful act of Dr. Bhirmanandam.

Let to Health Minister (Jan. 13, 2014)