IMA Spreads False Information To Save Disgraced Ex-MCI President Dr. Ketan Desai

PBT has obtained documents showing that Indian Medical Association (IMA) moved an application with World Medical Association (WMA) claiming that disgraced ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai, should be reinstated as WMA president because all charges against him have been dropped by the Indian authority.  Dr. Desai had plundered medical education and healthcare delivery system as  MCI president until he was trapped by CBI in 2010 for taking bribe from a private medical college.  Using his sinister influence, Dr. Desai also managed to become WMA president-elect in 2009 but his election was suspended after he was nabbed by CBI in 2010. While free on bail, Dr. Desai is still waiting for his trial to begin for serious charges of bribery and corruption.

But in October 2013, WMA lifted the suspension against Dr. Desai and reinstated him as WMA president-elect because according to their information, all charges against Dr. Desai had been dropped by the Indian authority (CBI).  There was only one problem – this information was not true as serious charges for bribery and corruption against Dr. Desai are still pending in CBI criminal courts in different cities across India.

But who was behind the spread of such brazen lies to help Dr. Desai?  According to World Medical Journal (published by WMA), one Dr. Ajay Kumar from Patna, ex-IMA president and long-time close associate of Dr. Desai, appeared before WMA last year and submitted an application from IMA pleading on behalf of Dr. Desai by making a false claim that all charges against Dr. Desai were dropped and as such, he should be reinstated as WMA president (see page 52 in the World Medical Journal attached below).  Following this submission by Dr. Kumar, WMA decided to reinstate Dr. Desai to the post of president-elect in October, 2013.  The news glorifying Dr. Desai as the WMA president-elect was highly publicized by the media which sent a wrong message to the public at large and brought shame to all doctors of India.

PBT has sent an urgent memorandum today to CBI Director, Mr. Ranjit Sinha, urging him to take immediate steps to prosecute Dr. Kumar and other IMA leaders who were responsible for spreading the false information only to help Dr. Desai and sway the course of justice.  Ironically, Dr. Kumar was “nominated” last year by the government to become a member of the newly formed MCI and even more shocking, he is also a member of the present MCI Ethics Committee that has the bounden duty to decide complaints of medical negligence and ethical violation by the delinquent Indian doctors.

wma journal (2013) Desai-Ajay Kumar (p. 52)