PBT Launches New Support Center In Gujarat On January 4

After Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, PBT is set to open a new support center for ordinary people and victims of medical negligence in Ahmedabad.  PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha will host a seminar at conference center of Pride Hotel at 3 PM on Saturday, January 4, 2013 where the latest PBT branch will be inaugurated.  Ironically, Ahmedabad is the hometown of disgraced ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai, who along with his numerous cronies are still trying regain control of the healthcare regulatory system in India.  The recent botched MCI election in which president, vice-president and other important MCI committee members were elected is another glaring example of evil influence of Dr. Desai on Indian medical system.  While still facing serious criminal charges for bribery and corruption, Dr. Desai has also been elected a new MCI member from Gujarat University.  However, PBT has already challenged the MCI election and notices have already been issued by Calcutta HC.  These and other issues involving medical negligence will be the central topic of discussion in the program in Ahmedabad on January 4.  You may contact PBT coordinator in Ahmedabad, Mr. Ravish Bhatt at 9898550411 for more information about the Ahmedabad program.  Admissions open.