PBT Opens New Support Center In Delhi, New Center In Chennai To Be Inaugurated On Saturday, December 21

In the presence of PBT President, Dr. Kunal Saha and other dignitaries and many victims of medical negligence, a new support center to serve people of Delhi and surrounding areas was inaugurated at the IWPC center in central Delhi yesterday.  The new support center (see address under “Our People”)  in Delhi will be run under supervision of Mr Shishir Chand (Tel: 9810919282).  Talking to the crowd and media, Dr. Saha vouched that although his personal legal battle (for the wrongful death of his wife Anuradha Saha) might have come to an end with the delivery of the historic judgment by the Apex Court (awarding highest compensation in Indian medico-legal history) last October, he will continue to fight to bring justice to the countless other victims of medical neglect and to eradicate the pervasive corruption in the healthcare and medical education system.  Dr. Saha made scathing criticism of the recently concluded MCI election in which many doctors who are known associates to the disgraced ex-MCI chief, Ketan Desai, were re-nominated and/or re-elected to the MCI.  Dr. Saha said that until the medical regulatory bodies like MCI and state medical councils are freed from corruption and run by honest doctors, abysmal condition of Indian healthcare and medical education systems are not likely to change (see news below).  Dr. Saha will head to Chennai where another new PBT support center will be inaugurated in a program at the Chennai Press Club at 3 PM on Saturday (December 21).  Dr. Saha will also be joining public seminary and open PBT support centers in Hyderabad on December 23 and Ahmedabad on January 4.  The new center in Chennai will be run by long-time PBT supporter and member, Mrs. Premila (Tel: 9884901180).

Business Standard (Dec. 18, 2013)