Sordid Saga Of Ketan Desai Continues: World Medical Association (WMA) Sits Idle After Lifting Ban On Desai Based On Erroneous Information

In a strange move which defies all logic and common sense, World Medical Association (WMA), an international medical group of doctors mostly from developing nations that has little recognition among doctors of developed countries, decided last month to lift ban on disgraced ex-MCI chief, Dr. Ketan Desai and reinstated him as the president-elect of this medical body because according to a “press release” posted on their website s(WWW.WMA.NET) on 19th October, 2013, WMA believed that Dr. Desai has proved to be an innocent man since all charges against him “have now been withdrawn at the request of the Indian prosecuting authority”.

The news that Dr. Desai was re-appointed as WMA president-elect was craftily manipulated by Dr. Desai and his cronies as it was published widely by many in the media last month.  In fact, Dr. Desai himself boasted about his post of WMA president-elect and in an interview with Times of India (published October 27, 2013), Dr. Desai has claimed that as the WMA president, he will now expose Indian doctors to the “global healthcare” (see below).  So, the most corrupt and tainted man in Indian medical history is now claiming to be the Messiah to rebuild the sagging image of Indian doctors.

But there was just one big problem with Dr. Desai’s recent spin-story.  It is absolutely false information that all charges against Dr. Desai have been dropped by the Indian prosecuting authority, i.e. CBI.  After PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha contacted CBI, they informed in writing that charge-sheet in the criminal case of bribery and corruption against Dr. Desai has already been filed and criminal trial would soon start in Delhi.  The CBI also informed that not only in Delhi, criminal charges have also been filed against Dr. Desai in U.P. (Lucknow).  In fact, CBI has stated that the claim made by Dr. Desai that all charges against him were withdrawn is nothing by an “eye wash”.

PBT wrote to present president of WMA, Dr. Margaret Mungherera from Uganda, on November 4, 2013 drawing her attention to the colossal error made by WMA (by lifting ban on Dr. Desai) based on false information and urged WMA to retract their lifting of ban against Dr. Desai immediately because it has sent wrong signal not only to the ordinary people of India but also to thousands of honest Indian doctors who are also appalled how a criminally indicted physician like Dr. Desai can pull a stunt on WMA that all charges against him were withdrawn by CBI.  But even under this serious situation, WMA has remained silent and did not respond to PBT’s appeal for re-imposing ban on Dr. Desai.  PBT has sent a reminder to WMA today and hope that the international medical leaders of WMA would come to their senses and take appropriate steps to fix their own blunder and reinstate ban against Dr. Desai without any further delay.

TOI (Oct. 27, 2019) Desai claims WMA president