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Dr. Kunal Saha Calls All Conscientious Indian Citizens And Honest Doctors To Join Hands With PBT To Cleanse The Rot In The Healthcare System

On the wake of the historic judgment delivered by the Supreme Court on Thursday awarding by far the highest-ever compensation of about Rs. 11 crore (Rs. 6.08 crore plus 6% per year interest for the past almost 15 years) against AMRI Hospital and three senior Kolkata doctors (Sukumar Mukherjee, Baidyanath Halder and Balaram Prasad) for the negligent death of Anuradha Saha, an enormous optimism for justice has been generated around the country for the countless victims of medical negligence in India.  Dr. Kunal Saha, PBT president and Anuradha’s husband, has called all conscientious people to join PBT in our future efforts to remove the deep-rooted corruption from the Indian medical system and build a negligence-free healthcare system.  People can directly contact the telephone numbers listed under “Our People” to learn more about PBT.

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  • Mohan Balakrishna November 5, 2013, 3:08 am

    Dear Dr. Kunal
    Feeling pride about your fight and success over Mrs.Anuradha Kunal case and your sacrifices thereupon. Your efforts will create awareness among Indian people about their medical rights as well a fear among careless Doctors and Hospitals too. As you feel, I too strongly feel that your beloved ‘better half’ is always with you to guide you console you in your every effort. Let God give you more strength and peace to attain the goal, and we people are morally in support with you. Regards,