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Public Notice in Newspaper By MCI Declaring Suspension of License of Four Doctors in U.P. and Maharashtra For the First Time in Indian Medico-legal History

For the first time in Indian medico-legal history, Medical Council of India (MCI), highest medical regulatory authority in the country, has put out a public notice in a local newspaper in Delhi informing people that the medical licenses of four doctors (Dr. Brijeswar Singh and Dr. Rakesh Chandra of U.P. and Dr. Muneer Sufi Mhaskar and Dr. Jaydeep Date of Maharashtra) have been suspended for a period between 6 months and 3 years (see MCI Notice in Dainik Jagran of 18th September, 2013).

The Section 8.2 of MCI “Code of Ethics and Regulations, 2002” has clearly stated that names of doctors whose medical registrations have been suspended or cancelled by the medical council due to medical negligence or ethical violation must be “widely publicized” – obviously, to aware ordinary people that these doctors are not allowed to see patients.  Despite our repeated appeals, MCI and other state medical councils never publicized until now, the names of the doctors when on rare occasions they are found guilty by the medical councils.  PBT welcome the action taken by MCI by publicizing the names of the four suspended doctors and hope that state medical councils will also adhere to this law in future.  Ironically, it appears from the public notice that the period of suspension for the four doctors has already started from 24th August, 2013.  Why this belated Notice put by MCI?  Who checked whether these four doctors practice between 24th August, 2013 and today?

MCI Notice (Cancellation of license) Sept. 18, 2013 (Dainik Jagran)


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