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MCI Election Is A Farce: Free Trips And Cash Paid To Purchase Votes

The last elected body of Medical Council of India (MCI) existed in 2010 when then MCI president, Ketan Desai, was caught red-handed by the CBI while taking bribe from a private medical college and under mounting public pressure, central health ministry was compelled to dissolve MCI.  Since then, a “Board of Governors” (BOG), made up with few hand-picked doctors by the central government has been running the function of the highest medical regulatory body in India.

The government has recently passed an Ordinance and proposed “Indian Medical Council (Amendments) Bill, 2013” through which different states have already started to elect doctors for the next MCI.  But it is becoming clear that the power of corruption is still ruling the healthcare system in India.  According to a published report in Times of India today, some doctors from private medical colleges have already won MCI election by paying for air-trips, hotels and even cash to the voters who are members of various health universities (see report below).  It seems that the hapless patients and honest doctors of India will remain at the receiving end as corrupt medicos regain control of MCI with clandestine support from the government.

TOI (Sept. 15, 2013) MCI Fiasco

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