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Sixteen West Bengal Medical Council Members To Appear Before Kolkata Court To Face Criminal Charges For Shielding Doctors Responsible For Death Of Anuradha Saha

For the first time in Indian medico-legal history, almost the entire previous state medical council in West Bengal (WBMC) will have to appear before a criminal trial court in Kolkata (Bankshall Court) to face charges of “criminal conspiracy” (IPC Section 120b) and “screening offenders” (IPC Section 201) on Wednesday (August 14).  Sixteen members of the previous WBMC, most of whom are well-known physicians in Kolkata including last WBMC president Dr. Ashok Chowdhury, past Director of Medical Education Dr. C.R. Maiti, veteran pathologist Dr. Subir Dutta and cancer specialist and a professor at NRS Medical College Dr. Subir Ganguly, acquitted eminent medicine specialist Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee and dermatologist Dr. Baidyanath Halder who were later found guilty by the Supreme Court of India for medical negligence causing death of US-based child psychologist and wife of PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha.  After a change in the Bengal government in 2011, Dr. Saha managed to obtain incriminating documents and filed filed this criminal case against all 16 doctor-members of WBMC who voted to acquit Dr. Mukherjee/Dr. Halder.  After the trial court took cognizance of the offence, all accused doctors moved a quashing petition before Calcutta High Court seeking to quash the criminal case against them.  After almost two years of hearings, Calcutta High Court dismissed the quashing petition last month and directed the accused doctors to stand trial before the Magistrate at the Bankshall Court.  The Learned 8th Magistrate of the Bankshall has issued summons to all 16 doctors to appear before the court for the first time after High Court sent the case back.  Dr. Saha has also come to India for expedited justice in this important criminal case.

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