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Why MCI Remains As A Silent Spectator As Ketan Desai Basks In Glory As Head Of Urology With Suspended License?: PBT Prepares To Move PIL

The new Board of Governors (BOG) at the MCI refuses to take any action against Dr. Ketan Desai to remove him from his newly appointed post of head of department (HOD) of Urology at the B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad even after one week since PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, drew attention of the MCI leaders to this sheer atrocity.  It was the BOG which directed Desai in 2010 that his license to practice medicine is suspended until completion of the investigation of the complaint raised by PBT against Desai following his arrest by the CBI for taking bribe from a private medical college while Desai was still the president of MCI.  The complaint against Desai is still pending at the MCI.  While some in the Indian medical fraternity have also raised voices within the medical community in the web against the recent scandal with Desai, Indian Medical Association (IMA), largest medical lobby in India, has also remained a silent spectator underscoring the point that Desai cronies are still in charge of the IMA leadership in India.  In fact, at least one of the newly appointed BOG members was also a member of the full-body MCI which unanimously elected Desai as MCI president in 2009, one year before he was nabbed for the second time by the CBI for bribery and corruption.  Desai is free on bail and still waiting for the criminal trial to begin for serious charges but even that did not prevent him from being elected unopposed to the Gujarat University Senate in 2011 and now, to reclaim his post as the HOD in B.J. Medical College.  PBT sent second letter to the BOG today seeking their immediate response and made it clear that PBT would move the court of law unless MCI takes appropriate action against Desai soon.

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