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Blatant Fraud With West Bengal Medical Council Election: PBT and Non-Trinamool Candidates Boycott Election

Previous allegations of ballot snatching and massive rigging by the candidates belonging to the ruling Trinamool-Congress (TMC) party in the West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) election became more glaring during the final vote counting today as virtually all candidates who did not belong to TMC including PBT candidates walked out of the WBMC vote counting office.  The pandemonium broke out soon after the vote counting begun this afternoon as PBT and few other candidates belonging to CPM demanded that they may be given the opportunity to examine the envelopes containing the ballot as clearly stipulated under the Election Rules.  The  Returning Officer, D.K. Ghosh, who is also the WBMC Registrar who works under direct control of the Adhoc Committee with several members from TMC who are also contesting this election, outright rejected all requests for scrunity of the envelopes for no apparent reason.  The TMC candidates, led by a sitting MLA and president of TMC medical association (PDA), Dr. Nirmal Maji also threatened the candidates with foul and abusive language. In protest, all candidates except the seven TMC candidates, walked out of the WBMC office as counting of ballots continued behind closed doors by Mr. Ghosh in presence of only the TMC candidates.  Later, in a statement issued by PBT president Dr. Kunal Saha who is also a candidate in this election, severely criticized Mr. Ghosh and Dr. Maji and vouched that he will soon move the court seeking to void this rigged election and to bring justice for such seemingly criminal acts by the candidates of the ruling party.

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