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PBT Appeals to Governor For Appointment of Independent Body for Vote Counting in WB Medical Council on Tuesday

All “identifying envelopes” containing the postal ballots in the “general” category of the historic West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) election will be opened and final tally of votes will be counted on Tuesday (July 2) by the sole Returning Officer (RO), Mr. D.K. Ghosh, who is also the Registrar of WBMC.  During the vote counting in the “teachers” category earlier this week (June 24), mass scale voting fraud by the candidates belonging to the ruling Trinamool-Congress (TMC) party  was evident as the RO in unison with the TMC candidates did not allow any other candidates even to examine the “identifying envelopes” which is mandatory under the Election Rules.  The results were too obvious as all seven TMC-backed candidates won the election in the “teachers” category with an unbelievable margin of victory.

The “identifying envelope” which contains the postal ballot inside also contains signature of each doctor-voter outside the envelope.  Fraudulent votes are likely to be caught by examination of the “identifying envelopes”.  Repeated requests for allowing the candidates to examine the envelopes and ballots of the WBMC election to the RO and also to the health minister/chief minister, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, have fallen into deaf ears.  In view of this alarming situation, PBT president (who is also a candidate in the “general” category) has submitted an urgent memorandum with the Governor of West Bengal requesting him to take steps for conducting the vote counting on Tuesday under the supervision of an independent body (see below).

Letter to Governor (June 29, 2013)

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