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Historic Election in West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC): Bengal Doctors Urged to Vote for Independent Candidates to Restore Public Trust and Dignity of the Medical Community

An unprecedented election is going on to form a new West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) by order from Calcutta High Court.  This election is truly unprecedented in more ways than one. First, WBMC was run by the same group of doctors belonging to the Left-front parties for the past more than three decades until Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) swept to power in West Bengal in 2011.  But instead of holding long overdue council election to form an impartial and  honest medical council, Banerjee government established an Adhoc Committee with ten hand-picked doctors who are close to the new government including two sitting MLAs of TMC party.  Only after PBT filed a PIL  challenging the Adhoc Committee, Calcutta High Court directed the Bengal government to hold a fresh election to form a new WBMC within six months.

The WBMC Election 2013 is also unique because for the first time, council election will be held under the watchful eye of the court.  In fact, ballots for WBMC Election 2013 has already been mailed by registered post to all doctors in West Bengal.  If any doctor still has not received the ballot, he/she is urged to write to WBMC immediately via email to the Returning Officer Mr. D.K. Ghosh, Tel: 033-2231-3079; Email: wbmc@vsnl.net (send a copy of your letter to PBT office at PBTINDIA2012@GMAIL.COM).  It is reported that most doctors have seen or received a ballot to cast their vote in the WBMC Election 2013 for the first time in their life since until now, council elections were almost always botched by the doctors belonging to the ruling party.

Even for WBMC Election 2013, medical groups backed by the ruling party are alleged to have been trying to rig the election.  Allegations for ballot snatching and deliberate abuse of the return ballots have surfaced against the doctors of TMC group.  But PBT is keeping a close eye to these sinister attempts to rig the WBMC Election 2013.  And for the first time, several independent doctors with no political affiliation are also running in the WBMC Election 2013 which includes PBT president and a physician originally from Kolkata, Dr. Kunal Saha.  The onus is now on Bengal doctors to boot all politically-motivated doctors out by voting for the independent doctors to build a truly impartial and honest WBMC which would undoubtedly pave the way to restore doctor-patient relationship and public trust on the medical profession.  PBT strongly urges all conscientious  medicos to vote for the following candidates:

1)  Dr. Kunal Saha

2)  Dr. Tripti Das

3)  Dr. Swapa Kundu

4)  Dr. Dharanikanta Ghosh

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