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WB Medical Council Election: After Ballot Snatching And Vote Without Secret Ballot, New Allegation Of Voting By The Ruling Party With Ballots Returned By Postal Department

After allegations of vote without any secrecy of ballot and snatching of ballots by doctors belonging to the ruling Trinamool-Congress party surfaced last week against which PBT already filed a PIL before Calcutta High Court, new and even more appalling complaints of abuse of thousands of ballots that were undeliverable due to wrong or change in address of the doctor-electorates and returned by the postal department have emerged in the highly volatile West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) Election 2013.  According to reports published in major newspapers in Kolkata today, thousands of ballots which were returned to the council office for failure to deliver to the right addressee were opened and used to cast votes in favor of the candidate backed by the ruling party.  The WBMC is still being run by an Adhoc Committee with hand-picked doctors who are loyal supporters of the ruling Trinamool-Congress party many of whom are also contesting in the upcoming election.  It was only after PBT brought a PIL against this unlawful Adhoc Committee that Calcutta HC directed to hold election to establish a new WBMC within six month that the present election is taking place in West Bengal.  PBT president, Dr. Kunal Saha, has lodged a complaint with the Returning Officer demanding that signatures of all voters must be matched before counting of votes in order to assure that no ballot was stolen and used to cast vote by devious members of the Adhoc Committee in order to rig the election (see below).

For the first time, apart from Dr. Saha, PBT has fielded three more candidates, Dr. Tripti Das, Dr. Swapna Kundu, and Dr. Dharanikanta Ghosh, all of whom have absolutely no link with any political party and all have vouched that if they win, their sole purpose in the medical council would be to improve the sagging doctor-patient relationship.  PBT candidates have also vouched that while they would not hesitate to take appropriate disciplinary action against the truly reckless and unethical doctors, they would also strongly defend the honest and caring doctors from being harassed either by distraught patient party or by politically motivated and unscrupulous doctor leaders.

Let to WBMC (Ballot fraud) June 2013


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