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Celebrate “Patients’ Day” (Rogi Divas) on May 28 To Commemorate Victims of Medical Negligence and To Bring Awareness For “Patients’ Rights”

“Patients’ Day” (Robi Divas) will be celebrated on Tuesday (May 28) in the memory of all victims of medical negligence and to spread awareness about the fundamental rights of all patients.  “Patients’ Day” has been celebrated every year since 2004 on this day (May 28), the day Anuradha Saha died during a social visit to India in 1998 as a result of gross medical negligence by several so-called “eminent” Kolkata doctors (medicine specialist Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, dermatologist Dr. Baidyanath Halder and late Dr. Abani Roychowdhury) and AMRI Hospital in Kolkata.  PBT head office in Kolkata will hold an open public seminar to commemorate “Patients’ Day” tomorrow at the Calcutta Press Club at 4 PM where many victims of medical malpractice will also be present to tell their tragic stories.

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