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Inviting PBT Members/Supporters, Victims of “Medical Negligence” and All Conscientious Citizens to Join PBT’s Eleventh Anniversary Celebration In Kolkata On December 31, 2012

PBT will hold its eleventh anniversary on Monday (Dec. 31, 2012) at 4 PM at the Moha Bodhi Society auditorium on Bankim Chatterjee Street (near College Square) in Kolkata.  PBT members/supporters, victims of medical negligence and all conscientious citizens are cordially invited to attend this historic occasion to celebrate our march toward a healthcare system which is free of negligence and corruption.  The progress that PBT has made toward elevating the abysmal healthcare condition in India over the past 11 years, especially what PBT has done in the past year, will be highlighted and discussed.  Victims of alleged “medical negligence” are particularly encouraged to attend this program where PBT will provide them support and show the ways to move forward to find justice.  Please contact PBT head office in Kolkata at 9038083120/9831983670/9836706952 for more information.

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